Rölli Ridanpää & Tero Laine: Light Pipes

Senate Square

Rölli Ridanpää & Tero Laine: Light Pipes

Address: Senate Square

Light Pipes depicts the urban landscape – the light and the interaction between people represent the city’s diverse opportunities. The interactive installation comprises copper pipes and valves that adjust the brightness of the lamps.

The installation is based on interaction: twelve viewers at a time can adjust the valves. By working together they can dim the city or make it shine in full brightness.

Light Pipes asks how individuals and communities can influence large entities. Who controls my city? Can we together influence the conditions in which we live?

In co-operation with: Tricton Customworks, Granlund Oy

Photo: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm


Rölli Ridanpää (b.1986) is a lighting designer who lives in Helsinki. He is interested in understanding and visualising essential principles. He wants to encourage viewers to see beauty in a new way.

Tero Laine (b.1986) is a lighting designer who lives in Lahti. He is interested in the interaction between materials and light. As a designer he values old recycled materials combined with new techniques and interactivity.

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