Aalto University students: Fotoni

Market Square

Aalto University students: Fotoni

Address: Market Square

“Without me there is no life”

Fotoni is a light being, an imaginary character, the persona of light. The presence of Fotoni is essential for the creation of life. Fotoni carries with it safety, warmth and energy. It brings nuggets of light that it spreads around it. Without Fotoni the Earth would be a cold and colourless planet.

This inspiration for the installation has been the importance of small things. Each moment, breath, path and drop is a part of a greater whole – a planet that we want to protect. The installation has been created in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, which for us means good and careful planning, sensible material choices and looking far into the future.

The installation has been created in partnership with IKEA Finland and is lighted using energy-efficient LED light sources. The installation highlights the importance of light while encouraging us to consider our daily energy consumption and inspiring us to make responsible choices in our everyday lives.

In co-operation with: IKEA Finland and Aalto University

Photo: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

Second-year interior architecture students from Aalto University:
Essi Aalto, Sisko Anttalainen, Karita Asmala, Mindele Grant, Paula Hyry, Piia Jalkanen, Noora Katajalaakso, Pinja Koskelin, Sanni Rajapolvi, Miika Ruotsalainen, Sara Krystyna Urbanski, Jenni Inciarte Villaverde and Liisa Vuorenpää.

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