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Opening hours
The festival will be held from Saturday to Wednesday 6–10 January 2018. All works will be displayed between 5 pm and 10 pm without interruption.

Age limit
The festival is open to visitors of all ages.

The festival and side program are free of charge. 

Lux Eat
 tickles your taste buds on 6.–10.1.2018. 

Transport connections
An estimated 40,000 visitors will visit the festival each day. We recommend that you arrive at the festival by public transport, bicycle or on foot. View the Helsinki Region Transport Journey Planner for connections.

There are several car parks close to the festival area, by the railway station, Kamppi and Kluuvi. Read more: Parking garages

Information on accommodation options in Helsinki can be found on the Visit Helsinki pages.

Information points
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Why is the festival being held during Epiphany in early January?
Helsinki is a city of many events held throughout the year. During the winter, events are also held outside Christmas, New Year and the winter holiday. By scheduling the festival after the Christmas holidays, we aim to make it accessible to all Helsinki residents, other Finns around the country and tourists visiting the city at the beginning of the new year. 

Why does the festival last just five days?
During Lux Helsinki, the key issue is to achieve a festive, communal atmosphere created by people gathering together in the centre of the city. Lux Helsinki is not an exhibition. A ten-day long version of the event was tried a few years ago, but this failed to generate a festival atmosphere. If the event were longer, the daily costs associated with technology and security would grow.

What is the history of Lux Helsinki?
Helsinki has being arranging a light-based event of some kind for over 20 years, since 1995. The Valon Voimat (Forces of Light) festival was arranged in November from 1995 to 2009. When it began, this was one of Europe’s first fire and light festivals.

Following this, the Valon Vuodenaika (Season of Light) festival was held in January in 2009–2011, forming the basis of Lux Helsinki. A festival by the name of Lux Helsinki has been held since 2012.

Who is behind Lux Helsinki?
The festival is organised by the City of Helsinki. Event producer Emma Lumme will coordinate the event on behalf of the City of Helsinki and Sun Effects Oy will be in charge of production. Ilkka Paloniemi and Matti Jykylä are in charge of the artistic direction of the festival. 

How does the City of Helsinki decide on the kinds of events to be arranged? 
Visit Helsinki/Helsinki Marketing Ltd runs events commissioned by the City of Helsinki and in accordance with the city’s strategy. The strategy defines such events as an important part of the city’s activities. The city’s so-called own events have been arranged by a unit established in 2008 and are now commissioned by Helsinki Marketing Ltd. Events in Helsinki are also organised by agencies such as the Sports Department, the Building Control Department, the Cultural Office, the Youth Department and the Helsinki City Museum.

What kinds of events does the city want to organise?
To foster a sense of community, the City of Helsinki aims to arrange the widest possible range of events around the city. All events arranged by the City of Helsinki are free and open to all, offering a range of experiences to every resident of the city.

How is the number of visitor calculated?
The number of visitors is on a par with the previous year. The total number of visitors is based on the audience estimates made by security stewards once per hour every day for each work of art. Security stewards use hand-held counters when assessing the turnout. It is impossible to give an exact number of visitors for a free event in the urban space.