Installation Venue Performace time Coordinates
1. Jenni Kääriäinen: a Shade Espa Stage 5pm–10pm 60.167738,24.950240000000008
2. Lux Architecture – Waterfront Market Square 5pm–10pm 60.167796464761636,24.953732037048326
3. Aalto University students: Fotoni Market Square 5pm–10pm 60.167540278924506,24.95474054763804
4. Shader: Cube Stora Enso Head Office 5pm–10pm 60.16792765556336,24.958552404893453
5. Teemu Lehmusruusu: Maa jalkojemme alla The House of Nobility 5pm–10pm 60.16959946103798,24.956324100494385
6. Outi Pieski: Gorži Helsinki Cathedral's Chapel 5pm–10pm 60.16999215657732,24.95345256032715
7. Kalle Mustonen: TELLMEHOWDOIFEEL Crossing between Kirkkokatu and Snellmaninkatu 5pm–10pm 60.170851605285975,24.953491687774658
8. Maija Louekari: Veljekset Bank of Finland 5pm–10pm 60.17086755828957,24.951865204368573
9. Flowers of Life Topelia 5pm–10pm 60.1714366,24.949789799999962
10. Mónica Ruiz Loyola: Absence The National Library 5pm–10pm 60.170356110308916,24.949717085180623
11. Kaisa Salmi: Ronda Helsinki Cathedral's Bell Tower 5pm–10pm 60.16993131580779,24.95111998944094
12. Tarja Ervasti: Domus 360° – Four Homes Helsinki Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko) 5pm–10pm 60.1704191,24.952165100000002
13. Rölli Ridanpää & Tero Laine: Light Pipes Senate Square 5pm–10pm 60.16943695618614,24.952482207687353
14. Petri Tuhkanen: People Power Senate Square 5pm–10pm 60.16946897767644,24.95157025662229
15. Lucas Maassen, Woody Veneman & Hannibal: The Singing Building Tori Quarters (Torikorttelit) 5pm–10pm 60.1683165,24.952721399999973

Installations can be viewed from 5pm to 10pm. All of the works will be on show non-stop during the festival, but their running times will vary. The programme is subject to changes.

Lux In light art exhibition at Kaapelitehdas is open between 3pm and 10pm from 1 to 10 January.

Download or print a map out for yourself (pdf).